About Jonathan Tizard

Welcome to my personal blog. My name is Jonathan Tizard, I am a agile delivery advocate. Having been a developer in the past, one of my greatest frustrations in the workplace was watching highly skilled, highly motivated technical experts get bogged down by clunky processes, where communication and assumptions manifested themselves as major risk, ultimately converting into costly mistakes.

All the time you spend over planning, procrastinating, trying to accurately lockdown an estimate your losing time you could be delivering. Every week your perfect product or idea doesn’t launch. Your work in progress cost becomes more and more toxic.

My main skill set is creating, supporting and building a network of staff for development teams to empower themselves to regularly and consistently produce high quality web applications. Having supported two major e-commerce fashion brands in the UK and large social content sharing platform. I am using this experience to share and communicate a forum on ‘de-mystifying’ agile practices in the work place. With real “How to examples”. Its not just a series of ceremonies its an entire approach.

You can look at my professional profile to get a better understanding of my technical skill set.

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